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This is the entire concept of inAnimate in a nutshell. Be warned, it's long.

From the Desk of Crystalman

It all started when I was bored, and drew a picture of a pencil last night.

In case you didn't know, I am a little bit of a freak when it comes to pencils, and I have eventually decided that there is only one pencil worth using. Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. You've seen them everywhere, just watch an ad on TV that has a pencil in it. The pencil will almost always have the 3 green stripes on the top that the Ticonderoga styled pencils use.


So obviously, I drew a picture of a Ticonderoga pencil. But I wanted to give it more, so I made it have some sort of feeling to it, not just a straight line of course. I liked it. So I drew some more stuff. It was nothing very hard to draw, (as some may recall, I am not even a novice when it comes to drawing XD ) But within an hour, I had this:


8 Characters. All with different personalities, as well as a bunch of notes on story and jokes etc. I based their designs off of what I actually owned. None of them have mouths or facial expressions, with the exception of the Computer Monitor (Tekkie) who can't talk.

The comic starts off with Matt the Pencil waking up, and realizing he's been bought and placed inside a desk. From there, he learns the way around the desk and office, and slowly

Main Characters:

Matt "Ticonderoga" Pencil
- The newest addition to the desk, and inexperienced.
- Good natured, and very "down to earth".
- Main focus of the comic

Quote: "It's not my fault I'm yellow, it's just who I am. And no, I'm not going to raid the liquor drawer with you."

Jenifer "Oriole" Pencil
- A little older than Matt
- Smart and witty
- Good natured toward people
- Direct and forthcoming
- Loves Matt, and the feeling might be mutual...

Jenifer was a last minute addition, and was originally supposed to be Sharpe', the Pencil Sharpener. Too many questions would be asked, that I did NOT want to have to answer however. >.>.... She's an Oriole Pencil, a generally lower quality and older one than Matt, but she loves him all the same.

Quote: "Please, get off your lazy eraser and do some work around here!"

Whatz the Lamp (Pronounced "Watts")
- Rarely says anything.
- Extremely smart, and always knows what is best to do, though he doubtfully will ever do it.
- Cool as ice.
- Enjoys Jazz, and only Jazz.
- Second Oldest, next to Tekkie.
- Only dislikes Ray

Quote: "...hey, if they wanna do what they feel, let them do it, and feel it with them..."

Whatz is the essence of "cool". He's a 40-watt desk lamp, and he always plays it smooth, and low. He's the best guy to come to for advice, but he's often so aloof and confusing that he ends up being little help. He doesn't care however, because all he wants is to chill out. Personally, he's my favorite idea.

Sadie the Post-it
- Freak'n emo.
- um... the first point kinda says it all.

Sadie is a Post-it note. She's incredibly depressing to listen to, and overall hates everyone and everything. She can hold a grudge forever, and is as confusing as she is depressing. She doesn't get angry, she gets even. As long as you don't mess with her, she'll be fine. Otherwise, she can be both a pain to be around, because she is always willing to explain how meaningless everything is.

Secondary Characters:

Tekkie the Monitor
- Oldest of them all.
- Can't talk, but expresses himself through pictures.
- Generally just sits and observes, unable to help, but sometimes if he has something to "say" he tries to make a note of it to the others.
- InvisionTech brand monitor. (not a real brand)=

Tekkie can't talk, and mostly just sits back watching. He's the oldest of the entire gruop, but not so good at making himself known. He's like a giant pantomime.

Quote: "^_^"

Ray the Crayon
- Youngest, most immature
- Comes at the worst times
- Doesn't have a care in the world, and lives life to the fullest out of pure stupidity.

Ray is your "classic" dumb guy. As I thought of him, he reminded me of Polo, from L.I.A.M. (Living In A Madhouse, by Zobe)

Quote: "I are 2! I are 2 now!"

Sharpe' the Sharpener
- Controlling and demanding inside, sweet and nice outside.
- Sole pleasure in life is causing emotional problems for others.
- Works with Mark often to do this.

Sharpe' is a minor character, but will probably be the start of most plotlines, due to her need to mess things up for the sheet joy of it.

Quote: "Why don't you go ahead and find yourself a nice, new pencil instead? We all know you'd rather prefer one..."

Mark the Pen
- Ego that rivals Tezzle's
- Silver, sleek, and manipulative.
- Despite being smart and controlling as well, he's really under Sharpe's thumb.

Mark is an egotastic, confident, and sometimes downright mean person.

Quote: "Look, I'm going to say this one more time: 'I'm too awesome to have to deal with your problems'."

Luke the Eraser
- Big Huggy Bear
- Nice, but not very smart at all.

Luke is a big, pink eraser. He's NOT gay. He is always saying something nice, and is always availible for a hug. However, he's not smart and can't help most of the time, and sometimes his desire to make everything better turns against him and he ends up making things worse.

Glompert the Trash Can
- Um.... ?

Glompert's sole existence is to destroy. He sits idly, until The Hand decides that something on the desk is no longer needed. The result: Glomptation. Glompert is not ON the desk, but rather below it, so he makes few appearances. All he can say is "GLOMP", and likes to say it as often as possible.

The Hand
- The Hand is god.
- The Hand is mine.
- In this comic, I am god.

The Hand is simply my own hand, and by the power of it, acts as a constant deux ex machina. It's appearances are little, but when it comes it can decide who stays on the desk, and who doesn't.

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